As an alternative to the conventional way of hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation, in the past few years, the Indonesian Government has been promoting unconventional hydrocarbon extraction. CBM is considered as one of Indonesia’s promising unconventional hydrocarbon source, waiting to be unlocked.
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Coal bed methane (CBM) or coal seam gas, is a type of hydrocarbon containing methane (CH4) as its main component, naturally formed in the process of coalification in the state of trapped and absorbed inside the coal in deep underground coal seams. CBM is generated either from a biological process as a result of microbial action or from a thermal process as a result of increasing heat with depth of the coal. Often a coal seam is saturated with water, with methane is held in the coal by water pressure.

CBM is produced by non-traditional means, and therefore, while it is sold and used the same as traditional natural gas, its production is very different. At depths of approximately 1,000 m, CBM provide less impact on the environment on drilling process to extract it.