Star Energy Geothermal Darajat II, Limited (SEGD II) works in partnership with two state-owned companies, Pertamina (oil and natural gas company) and PLN (electricity company). SEGD II supplies geothermal steam to the 55 MW power plant operated by PLN. We also supply geothermal steam and operate a total of 216 MW, supplying electrical power for the Java-Madura-Bali grid.

The commercial operations of Darajat geothermal project, which is located near Garut, West Java, was started in November 1994, with capacity near 145 MW. With the completion and upgrading of Unit III in 2009, total capacity of Darajat reached 271 MW.

Darajat Unit III facility has been registered as a Clean Development Mechanism project under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)’s Kyoto Protocol, which generates Certified Emission Reductions (CERs). The significant result of this program is in its reduction of greenhouse gases, through the operation of a low-emission geothermal plant. Since December 2006, Darajat field has contributed a documented 6.2 million tons of CERs.