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Low economic growth poses challenges for communities on their development efforts. To overcome that problem, Star Energy has introduced the economic empowerment program for our local communities. The program boosts local communities’ infrastructural development and other areas such as education and health.

As part of the economic empowerment program in Kakap Field operational area, Star Energy has been conducting fishermen economic empowerment project in the area of Anambas Islands Regency. The objective is to strengthening the economy of local fishermen and to increase their economic level gradually and independently on sustainable basis. The program is implemented through cooperation with the Bintang Anambas Koperasi and local entrepreneurs. The program starts with the Star Energy providing fund assistance to Bintang Anambas Koperasi for the procurement of Grouper fish seed to 40 local fishermen which mutually also strengthening the cooperative’s capital and financial.  During the program, the fishermen will be given advisory by local entrepreneurs and cooperative related to technical guidance and market potential in doing fish farming using floating net. The growth of the farmed fish will be monitored to achieve optimal growth.

Star Energy also has implemented the Economic Empowerment for Cooperation and Small Bussiness by revolving fund utilization aiming to strengthen Bintang Anambas Koperasi capital and the economy of small local businesses. This revolving fund was distributed through the cooperative to 16 local fish farmers so they can purchase more seeds for their floating net farm and to 6 local businesses to expand their line of business.

Moreover, to provide a complete support to the community, Star Energy also endows educational scholarship to more than 1000 local students in the Anambas Islands Regency (from elementary, junior & senior high until college students) and presenting recognitions and encouragements to numerous dedicated teachers. On routine basis, we provide free medical treatment for specific conditions such as cataracts, nutrition for toddlers, dengue fever and examination by qualified medical experts for elderly people, and hosting various presentations and counseling from cancer to HIV. We also provide funding for construction of local infrastructure such as kindergarten, junior high, senior high and Posyandu (pre/post-natal health care) buildings construction.

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