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Star Energy believes in providing a balanced value to all of its stakeholders, especially the community. We are very keen to grow and moving forward not only in the operational areas but also in the corporate social responsibility aspect.

In our geothermal operation in Wayang Windu area, Star Energy is involved in a number of agriculturally based programs such as providing animal husbandry and fruit plantation. Star Energy supported local farmers to expand their prime commodity from vegetables to silk worms for silk production that should benefit the farmers more in economic terms. We are also actively involved in 150 hectares of avocado and Arabica coffee plantation in the area.

In addition, on the past few years, Star Energy was involved in various economic empowerment programs. Cooperating with SBM ITB (School Business of Management ITB), Star Energy performed social mapping to Pangalengan community on their social-economic-cultural condition. The mapping recommendation was the urgency of managerial and financial support to micro, small and medium business (UMKM). The recommendation became the foundation of our programs consisting of three projects, namely the Entrepreneurship Training Center, Incubator, and Micro Credit through Nurkayana UMKM Cooperative. At the end of 2010, Nurkayana UMKM Cooperative has been able to roll out savings and loan funding to 23 of its members that passed the 2 years selection with diverse business and production generated from each of the micro business.

Star Energy is also strongly involved in education, medical assistance and social development programs. We provide scholarships to more than 1,600 local students, as well as providing books, stationeries, computers and language library equipment. In the infrastructure area, Star Energy plays a primary role in providing fresh water supplies and public roads, as well as the construction of sport facilities, schools and religious infrastructures to the local communities.

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