Why Star Energy
 Become a STAR!

We are looking for good talent, the most important source of our energy.
We are an organization that focus on attracting and developing the best talent available.
We believe that the road to success lies in gaining respect for others and being partner of choice and placed our people as asset for the future that makes our long term value is reachable. With BRIGHT STAR value as our way of life, we implement it as our working culture. We trust, respect and support each other to achieve our vision.
We provide challenging career opportunities which enable employees to achieve their maximum potential and provide them with opportunity to share the benefits of the Company’s success.
Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, we offer exciting and challenging job in our work locations:
  • Kakap Offshore Field, Natuna Sea.
  • Sekayu Onshore, South Sumatra.
  • Sebatik Onshore, East Kalimantan.
  • Wayang Windu Geothermal – Pengalengan, West Java
A healthy mind, body and soul

With BRIGHT STAR value as our way of life, we believe that creating a postive working environment is the key to cultivate talent and unleash creativity. We offer various employee “after work” programs sponsor by the company for all of our people such as Bowling, Basketball, Futsal, Volleyball, Diving , Yoga, and many more.
Our employees take their sports and recreational programs in a very competitive yet positive spirit with a purpose in building stronger teamwork and network while keeping your mind, body and soul and mind rejuvenated.
In Star Energy, we believe that a healhty body creates a healthy and a creative mind.
Sound exciting? Come join our Company and be a part of Star Energy’s future.