Indonesia's land and resources are the precious heritage of its people, thus they must be nurtured and protected. Star Energy conducts all of its business with the highest regard to the environment. Company policy is not just to comply with, but to exceed all Safety and Environmental standards and regulations. All decisions are considered in light of their long term impact. The highest standards of environmental management are inherent in all of our projects. Environmental protection, in its broadest sense, is a non-negotiable priority. Only through continued focus on such goals can Star Energy be assured of being the Partner of Choice in the Indonesian energy sector. As one of the very few holders of both ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification in South East Asia, Star Energy has an obligation to make no compromises with the well being of our people, or with the environments where we operate.

At both Kakap and Wayang Windu, in line with the requirements of ISO 14001, all emissions (air, water, wastewater and domestic waste) are monitored rigorously to ensure that there is no detrimental effect on the local environment, in either short or long term. At Wayang Windu, excess fluid is re-injected into the geothermal reservoirs with no adverse effect on the surface terrain or on subsurface aquifers.

Star Energy participates in the Concessionary Partnership Program in collaboration with other Natuna Sea operators and the Ministry of Marine Parks and Fisheries. The program provides technology, advice and assistance to local communities in the areas of coral transplantation, barrier reef construction, fish restocking and eco-friendly net fishing.

As part of a well-planned environmental campaign, conducted in conjunction with local environmental agencies and aimed at schoolchildren, Star Energy Geothermal is providing materials that tell the "green" story in local language. The objective is to educate tomorrow's citizens about the importance of protecting and nurturing the natural environment so that they can play an active role in preserving their natural heritage & splendor, and in building a better Indonesia.