Human are the most significant asset in Star Energy business, therefore Star Energy is highly committed in conducting occupational health program, including protection, preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative program as a biopsychosocial unity.

Star Energy has gain international accreditation in Health and Safety Management System, certification of OHSAS 18001:2007, as a proof that high commitment on occupational health and safety has been acknowledged for its applicability, obviously and objectively, and always being reviewed annually by international certification body.

Star Energy conduct various routine activities such as “Health Talk” by respective experts in particular health sector, blood donors, health risk assessment, employees annual medical checkup, fit for duty program, sport program, routine health bulletins and many more. While in industrial hygiene area, measurement and control of hazardous factors at work place is routinely conducted, such as noise, illumination, ergonomic, indoor air quality, vibration, electromagnetic field and Legionella bacterial; and activity of hygiene – sanitation inspection of canteen, food and beverages. For emergency preparedness and to maintain the medical personel competency, we conduct regularly Medical spesific Drills with various medical cases, illnesess and accident.

Star Energy has cooperated with many hospitals, clinics, optics and drug stores all over Indonesia in order to ensure availability of curative, preventive (immunization) and rehabilitive health service properly for all employees and theirs dependant(s).

Several national awards in health category is obtained by Star Energy, one of them is Platinum Award (the highest rank of the category) for Prevention and Management of HIV/AIDS in Work Place by Indonesia Ministry of Labor and Transmigration in year 2011 and 2012. It shows that Star Energy actively took part in governmental program and global commitment in Millennium Development Goal (MDG) to overcome HIV and AIDS problem.
Great health status of employees and their family is a very significant factor to enhance work productivity and safety, so that purposes of Star Energy business can be accomplished. Health is not everything but without health everything being nothing.