About Us

Star Energy was established in 2003 as an national energy company, with its base of operation in Indonesia. Its vision is to be the fastest growing, most profitable, best managed energy company in the region

Star Energy was created to be a vibrant, innovative energy organization focus on growth and combining the best practices and features of the major energy companies, including technical excellence, financial prudence, risk management and good governance.

Star Energy is a highly efficient, entrepreneurial organization; its young, agile, flexible, responsive, able to react quickly to changing circumstances and to capitalize on opportunities. it combine its expertise across the entire spectrum of energy industry with deep local knowledge to identify and realize opportunities that may have been overlooked by the larger player, were of insufficient scale to satisfy their investment criteria, or were simply never recognized.

We are international in its outlook, but indonesian at heart. Star Energy will share its success with all of its stakeholders – employees, shareholders/investors, partners, contractors, local communities, financiers, the goverment, the country – always considering the long term impact of its investment and operations. It will create value by building a balanced portfolio of projects with different risk/reward characteristics. It is and ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company operating at the highest levels of safety, occupational health and environmental awareness and practice. It has a policy of “No Harm” to people or the environment, and will always stress safety and environmental protection ahead of production.


A Bright Star in the Indonesian energy sector

Indonesia is a stable, vibrant democracy with the world’s fourth largest population and very rapidly developing economy. Industrial development and infrastructure growth are rapidly changing the way Indonesian live – particularly those that lives in cities like the capital, Jakarta, one of the largest cities in the world with more than 20 millions inhabitants. New sources of energy will be needed urgently to allow Indonesia to achieve its potential – huge investments will be necessary in the very near future to power the country’s development, to generate export income and to raise the living standards of all Indonesians, while managing a burgeoning carbon emissions profile. Star Energy will be an integral part of this future. As a very low cost, highly productive oil and gas operator and pipeline owner on the one hand.