Why Star Energy

Why Star Energy (Kakap) Ltd – Oil and Gas Business Unit

Sejak berdirinya Star Energy memiliki komitmen untuk berperan mendukung pertumbuhan ekonomi nasional. Melalui visinya menjadi pengembang energi terbarukan yang terkemuka, saat ini Star Energy Geothermal menjadi perusahaan pengembang energi panas bumi yang
terbesar dan andal di Indonesia. Sebagai perusahaan pengembang panas bumi terbesar di Indonesia, Star Energy Geothermal membuka kesempatan kepada putra-putri terbaik Indonesia untuk mengembangkan kemampuan terbaiknya dan berkontribusi mencapai kemandirian energi untuk negeri. Dalam menjalankan operasinya, Star Energy Geothermal mengedepankan tanggung jawab sosial dan etis, menghormati hukum dan peraturan yang berlaku, mendukung hak asasi manusia, melindungi lingkungan dan memberikan manfaat bagi masyarakat sekitar operasi. Kami berinvestasi untuk memenuhi kebutuhan energi untuk negeri melalui operasi yang selamat, efisien dan andal.

Becoming a STAR!

We are looking for good talent, the most important source of our energy.

We are an organization that focus on attracting and developing the best talent available. We believe that the road to success lies in gaining respect for others and being partner of choice and placed our people as asset for the future that makes our long term value is reachable. With BRIGHT STAR Value as our way of life, we implement it as our working culture. We trust and support each other to achieve our vision.

We provide challenging career opportunities which enable employees to achieve their maximum potential and provide them with opportunity to share the benefits of the Company’s success.

Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, we offer exciting and challenging job in our work locations

  • Kakap Offshore Field, Natuna Sea.
  • Sebatik Onshore, North Kalimantan.
A health mind, body and soul

With BRIGHT STAR value as our way of life, we believe that creating a positive working environment is the key to cultivate talent and unleash creativity. We offer various employee “after work” programs sponsor by the company for all of our people such as Bowling, Basketball, Futsal, Volleyball , Yoga, and many more.

Our employees take their sports and recreational programs in a very competitive yet positive spirit with a purpose in building stronger teamwork and network while keeping your mind, body and soul and mind rejuvenated.

In Star Energy, we believe that a healthy body creates a healthy and a creative mind. Sound exciting? Come join our Company and be apart of Star Energy’s future.

Our People
Uniquely Star…!

We employ more than 200 people for Oil & Gas business, spanning from our Headquarters in Jakarta and Kakap Offshore facilities in Natuna Sea. Our Employees are the heart of the organization and the fuel that makes our growth and success possible. When the company
started with less than 20 people, the spirit of cultivating a Family oriented working environment continues until today. We promote to ensure a safe working conditions for all our employees and our stakeholders anywhere they work, encourage teamwork in everything we do, and instill a strong conviction of working towards excellence.

What makes us unique is our people, which are the central of our growth strategy to ensure that we achieve our vision to be the fastest growing energy company in Indonesia.

Bright Star Value

Bright Star Values are the foundation in our daily working lives. The values defines us and make us unique that for the company of our size, having a strong corporate culture is important.

Our strategy about people also defines how Bright Star Values are internalize in every single person in Star Energy.

Human Capital

Anticipating the tougher competition, Star Energy always strive to enhance its Talent Management and Human Resources Effectiveness to successfully support its business strategies. The company has developed an overall talent management strategy that will address the “strategy key components” that will help company to focus its programs and initiatives. The Strategy will provide the company, especially the Human Resources function to focus its resources and expertise to deliver the most important and urgent initiatives to meet the current growth.

Rewards and Benefits

We always strive to ensure that our salaries are competitive and reflect the market conditions and the high level of skill and experience required. We recognize and reward individual achievement through performance-related pay and bonuses, and the benefits we offer typically include health care and pension / retirement plans.

We provide fix – flexible working practices wherever necessary and possible, and we offer competitive levels of annual leave entitlements. We also accommodate career breaks and sabbaticals if possible and our employees are encouraged to participate in the company related programs.

Leadership & Career Development

We provide our employees with professional training and development programs and support, and we offer leadership programs at each  specific career level within their career. We ensure that all leaders within the company are groom and develop in a specific way according to our Bright Star Values. Working in Oil & Gas business allows our employees new insights, knowledge and practices. We encourage creativity and we give employees the opportunity to face new challenge to take on increased responsibility.