Star Energy is committed to the highest standards of Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) performance in the Oil and Gas industry.

SHE performance is driven by the leadership of the organization. A strong, visible, felt leadership commitment to SHE is imperative. Leaders become a positive model of SHE behaviors by personal example both on and off the job, reinforce and reward positive behaviors.

Star Energy (Kakap) Ltd. established the SHE Management Committee functions (SHEMC,) to address and govern SHE concerns associated with company business. The SHEMC is a non-structural body within the company comprising a multi-discipline team and involving the Labor Union and compliant with the current regulatory requirements. The committees are championed by Vice Presidents or Line Managers and the charters are approved by the Decision SHEMC Board which is chaired by President & CEO.

The SHEMC provides Leadership and other relevant SHE elements including Process Safety Management, Hazards and Risk Management, Crisis, Emergency Response and Preparedness, Audits, Inspection, Surveillance & Observation (AISO), Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS), Stakeholders Communication and Professional Competency in the effort to foster an independent SHE culture toward a future world-class operations excellence throughout the company.

A thorough integrated OHSAS 13001 and ISO 14001 Safety, Health and Environmental management system is in place which manage safety, health and environmental programs to avoid all harm to employees, contractors, communities and the environment to support operations excellent to ensure business sustainability.