Indonesia’s land, sea and resources are the precious heritage of its people, thus they must be nurtured and protected. Star Energy conducts all of its business with the highest regard to the environment. Environmental protection, in its broadest sense, is a non-negotiable priority. Only through continued focus on such goals can Star Energy be assured of being the Partner of Choice in the Indonesian energy sector. Star Energy has an obligation to make no compromises with the wellbeing of our people, or with the environments where we operate.

Star Energy strive to comply with Government’s regulatory requirements related to the environment. In line with the requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, all discharges (air, produced water, wastewater and domestic waste) are monitored rigorously to ensure that there is no detrimental effect on the local environment, in either short or long term. Continuous improvement is our commitment to achieve outstanding environmental performance through ISO 14001 implementation.

Star Energy (Kakap) Ltd. also proactively makes efforts to excel in environmental performance beyond compliance with Government’s regulatory requirements and implements sustainability strategies at Kakap Field through Kakap Field Green Policy. We strive to increase Energy Efficiency through energy usage and engineering application that can reduce cost, reduce emissions through internal and external efforts by considering Green House Gases effects. manage hazardous and non-hazardous wastes by Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Programs, conserve fresh water through fresh water usage efficiency policy, carry out ex situ biodiversity protection for terrestrial, mangrove and coral reef ecosystems.

Star Energy (Kakap) Ltd. develop Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP) as a guide and an integrated preparation in case of oil spill in exploitation activities including the oil spills from wells, transfer oil through subsea pipelines, and FSO unloading process. The OSCP purposes is to response Oil spill incident to be more effectively and efficiently, determine the areas priority for protection of the environment.

Star Energy (Kakap) Ltd. achieved the prestigious award: Gold PROPER from Ministry of Environmental and Forestry as the first offshore oil and gas company for environmental management and community development in 2015. We maintain the achievement of beyond compliance by obtaining Green PROPER for 2016 and 2017.