The key strength of Star Energy is its workforce, and the company continually conducts exhaustive safety programs to all employees, focused on minimizing any potential for injury through accidents or preventable causes. The aim of the program is “ZERO HARM” to all of our people.

We strive to continually reduce the potential impacts of our business on safety by observing hazards, reporting and rectifying all unsafe actions and conditions, which could lead to an incident.

In line with the OHSAS 18001 requirements, Star Energy (Kakap) Lid. mandates the following safety programs :

  • Implement of HIRADC – Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Determining Control and PTW — Permit to Work system as part of operational control in daily activities Routine morning meeting / toolbox meeting is also conducted in daily basis prior to job commencement.
  • Safety Inspection as per Preventive Maintenance schedule. Moreover, Monthly Safety Inspection also carried out monthly in all platforms and FSO which includes general and safety aspects Inspection :
    • Production facilities e.9. separator, deck area
    • Operation! Support facilities e.g. crane, helideck, communication system, navigational aid:
    • Fire Prevention & Suppression System e.9. detector and alarm equipment, portable fire fighting equipment, fixed fire installation:
    • Safety equipment e.g. lifeboat, life raft and portable life saving equipment.


  • SHE Awareness Program: to enhance safety awareness and safe behavior of our employees and contractors from time to time basis to build a Safety Culture in organization, in the term of :
    • SHE Observation Card is a tool to report any Unsafe Actions and/or Unsafe Conditions, as well as the outstanding performance in complying with Safety Standard, Safety Practice and/or SHE Procedures
    • SHE Campaign programs such as Safety Signs, SHE Bulletin, SHE Talk which includes STAR LIGHTS as our Golden Rules of Safety.
    • STAR LIGHTS is a personal risk assessment (STAR: Stop – Think – Act – Review) for high risk activities (LIGHTS: Lifting operation – Isolation of energy – Ground disturbance – Heights positioning -Transport safety – Safety for confined space entry).


  • SHE Passport for employee, contractor and visitor who are going to work in offshore field with requirements :
    • Fitto Work (Fit for Duty Evaluation by Star Energy doctor based on the MCU Standard)
    • T-BOSIET (Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) or Basic Sea Survival, Helicopter Underwater Training, Basic Fire Fighting and Basic First Aid as mandatory safety training for offshore personnel
    • SHE Induction as brief introductory and explanation on SHE programs implemented in the field to all personnel who are going to work in offshore fields.
  • Crisis & Emergency Management is well implemented as precaution. Emergency Drill with various probable scenarios (e.g. fire/explosion, gas leak, failure/damage, collision by vessel, man overboard, etc.) is conducted weekly in each platforms and FSO. Specifically for Oil Spill scenario, an Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP) is established with oil spill modelling using Motum software. Wet drill for oil spill combat is conducted twice per year.

Star Energy (Kakap) Ltd. also apply effective process safety throughout the lifecycle of the installation to identify and quantify process hazards and risks to prevent unwanted releases,
which may ignite and cause toxic impacts, local fires, or explosions in facilities or nearby premises. Process safety ensures that the facilities can be managed safely.

Star Energy (Kakap) Lid. achieved Patra Nirbhaya Karya Pratama from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and The Best Production Facilities Maintenance Performance from SKK Migas in 2015.